Well hey there, I’m Laura!

laura_mcclain_sage_bloom_media_2I work with people who love their business, but haaaate feeling like they are throwing seeds into the wind with social media and marketing.

I give entrepreneurs the tools they need to build their online platform and social media marketing plan, while sprinkling in confidence building, so their business can grow and flourish. Because you want to feel all giddy-accomplished on those Friday afternoons, right?

+ lots of tools

See, I have one of those big ol’ garden sheds (not the kind that you can barely squeeze your lawn mower into, but one that you could have a party in.) I have loads of awesome tools in there to help you tend to your business and grow some seriously yummy fruits of your labor.

I was CEO and designer for my own web development company for 12 years and have worked for private clients consulting and creating their dream businesses. I also run my own women’s running event company, where I do everything from creating lead-generation processes to Facebook graphics and ads to online courses. I have over 18 years experience in online content management, e-commerce, start-up development and even brick and mortar retail. Whew!

+ beyond the garden

When I’m not helping customers feel good about kicking their feet up on the desk Friday at 5:00, I am running in the woods with friends, mixing up rib-stickin’ dinners for my ever-growing kids, or binge-listening to podcasts like Seriously or Amy Porterfield. My hubby, two kiddos, and I love to camp off the grid in Eastern Oregon, swim in the chilly rivers nearby, and play cribbage in the backyard. Taking photos of blooming sage in the desert helps me remember that there is always beauty if you look closely.

If you’re dying to know more, here are 5 things that might surprise you:

  • I Love to eat…stinky cheese
  • My favorite run…is right at dawn after a fresh snowfall
  • I will never give up…on my dream to grow the perfect Poblano Peppers
  • I used to eat…Fruit Loops with chocolate milk for breakfast when I was in the Air Force
  • I really appreciate…funny women

+ it’s time to blossom, don’tcha think?

You can contact me online right here. Or give me a call at 541-968-1362. Oh, and if you’re not sure what you need, no worries. That’s all part of it. My first hour with you is free so we can brainstorm and get to know each other.